Pregnant Florida teenager dead

rabsatt17-year-old Stefanie Rabsatt’s body was found dead in a car in the parking lot of  a Miramar Winn Dixie, a local pharmacy around where Rabsatt lived, last Friday, October 2nd,2009 . Rabsatt was 8 months pregnant.

Edward Jermaine Babbs, the to-be-father of Stefanie Rabsatt’s baby was arrested Wednesday, October 7th and charged with two counts of 1st degree murder.

“It’s like a burden lifted off my heart. They can rest in peace,” said Yolanda Boyd, Rabsatt’s aunt.

 Family members said Rabsatt left them to go meet Babbs Thursday night.

“I just told her that we were on our way home and meet us there. She was like ‘OK.’ That was it,” said Javona Boyd, Rabsatt’s aunt.

On Wednesday morning, Broward Sheriff’s Office divers helped Miramar Police Detectives search a lake in Pembroke Park where they found a handgun. Police said Rabsatt was shot to death. But they won’t confirm speculations that Babbs didn’t want the baby

“We don’t want to speculate on if that was the exact cause. But from what detectives have been able to gather, this was a domestic-related issue,” said Miramar Police spokeswoman Tania Rues

Family and friends of  Babbs said he never indicated of not wanting the baby. In fact Babbs mother was planning on the baby shower for next month.

Rabsatt’s cousin is due to deliver a baby on Friday. She told Local 10 the joy both families were anticipating all but died last week.


“It’s just hard because we were expecting two babies to be born in our family and now we only have one coming,” the cousin said.


Rabsatt will be buried on Saturday.



Picture: Stefanie Rabsatt, she took about a month before her death.

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